Our education team delivers services tailor made for the sector including the UK’s most comprehensive advice service for schools, colleges and early years providers.

Local Government

Our local government team is renowned for its progressive and innovative approach to delivering legal services in the public sector.

Private Business

Our private business service has a strong reputation for its dynamic, diverse and forward- thinking approach in delivering legal solutions.

Specialist Solicitors In Rochdale

HY is a specialist solicitors. We combine legal expertise with sector knowhow to design and deliver affordable legal products which break from the traditional.

Our ethos is to challenge the practices typically adopted by the traditional law firm with the aim of delivering a modern and original brand of legal and professional services.

Our mission is to Challenge I Create I Modernise and in order to achieve this we retain fresh and creative principles at the forefront of our thinking. We take inspiration from outside of the legal profession, including from those that we do business with, and strive to be more diverse in our approach at every opportunity.

Our values promote collaboration over individualism and innovation over tradition. The result is that HY is a B2B firm that focusses on the creation of specialist legal products designed to meet the needs of the modern-day organisation.

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Manchester Legal Advice

Data Protection Officer

As experts in data protection, HY has the right knowledge, skill and independence to support and protect your business.


Unrestricted access for your school to your own team of education specialist HR professionals and lawyers.


HR+ members benefit from unlimited telephone and email access to our team of qualified employment experts.

Law On Demand

HY’s Law on Demand service provides local authorities with a practical, budget friendly alternative to the familiar resourcing options.

Subscription Plan

By making a one-off annual payment, you will secure an unlimited, preferential hourly rate for any issue that requires legal support from us.

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