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About Us

HY is a specialist solicitors and HR provider based in Rochdale, Greater Manchester.

We are proud to operate nationally but even prouder to be focusing on developing and being part of a strong business community in Rochdale and the Greater Manchester region. We take inspiration from many of the values of the Rochdale Equitable Pioneers, which form the fabric of our business. These strong core values, which were created in our home town, today inspire co-operatives all around the world.

Alongside our Values, our ethos is to challenge the practices typically adopted by traditional solicitors with the aim of delivering a modern and innovative brand of legal and professional services.

In order to achieve this we retain fresh and creative principles at the forefront of our thinking, taking inspiration from outside of the legal profession. We strive to be more diverse in our approach to business at every opportunity.

We value collaboration over individualism and innovation over tradition. This allows us to focus on the creation of specialist legal products designed to meet the needs of the modern-day organisation.

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