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Our education team is regarded as a beacon of modernity, lauded for its commitment to delivering services tailor made for the sector. Through working with schools, nurseries and child care organisations we are on hand from the beginning to the end of the education journey. Keeping abreast of the ever-changing educational landscape coupled with a broad array of expertise means that our team has the depth of knowledge required to meet the needs of our education sector clients.


Education+ is the UK’s most comprehensive HR and legal advice service for schools, nurseries and child care organisations. We work in partnership with a large and ever increasing number of schools, colleges and early years providers, providing an end-to-end solution to the many challenges that each and every one of them face. One of the many benefits of our wide-ranging education offering includes greater insight and efficiency, which in turn enables issues to be anticipated and prevented

Education+ is a one-stop industry specific package at amazing value.

Data Protection Officer

Is your school looking for a Data Protection Officer? HY are the experts in providing data protection services in the education sector.

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HR & Legal Advice For Schools

The UK’s most comprehensive HR and legal advice service for schools, colleges and early years providers. Unlimited access to your own team of education and early years specialist HR professionals, solicitors and a barrister at affordable rates: